Epson Endeavor MR3300 Desktop PC


Epson’s latest snowy white Endeavor MR3300 slim desktop PC is ready to rock you up. It will be available coming November at an expected price of 59,850 Yen. This full featured PC offers economies of space along with reliable high performance. Its outer frame design is based on the MR3100 series.

Talking about the features of Epson Endeavor MR3300, the PC loads HDD 80GB, CPU Celeron 420, Windows Vista Home Basic onto Intel G35 Express (video functional built-in), memory 512MB (256MB?2/ maximum 3GB), DVD-ROM drive and OS in chip set.

For connectivity the MR3300 has an extended slot LowProfile correspondence PCI Express x16?1, PCI Express x4?1, mini- D-Sub15 pin, PCI?2 along with Gigabit Ethernet, serial port and the parallel port, TPM security tip/chip and voice input/output etc.

Via: Epson