Epson EMP-83 LCD Multimedia Projector

.Epson the global leader in projector sales has launched its high performance, dependable, multimedia projector EMP-83 with enhanced brightness, improved protection and low working costs for the education and business markets. Epson has shaped the projector in new stylish design with a sleek white and grey duo tone cover that blends with all kind of interiors very well. Each projector is teamed with a tough built-in security bar that locks it to the mount as a reliable counter measure against theft.

The EMP-83 has the maximum speaker wattage of other projectors in its class with an integrated 7-watt speaker to reproduce deep, rich sound and audio clarity, eliminating the costs of an added audio set up. When external speakers are needed the Epson EMP-83’s audio-out interface enables speakers to be allied directly to the projector, dipping set up time.  The projector is also backed by 2 PC inputs, an RS232 port for control, and an RJ45 for connection to a local area network. EMP83 feature Epson’s 3LCD technology without any moving parts and interruptions to the light path generates bright, natural images, and smooth and sharp playback of action scenes. These projectors are available through Epson dealers at a price $2199 and come with a 3 year warranty period.