Epson ELP DC-06

Epson has a number of visual solutions released in the market and the Epson ELP DC-06 is another new one to that growing list. The Epson ELP DC-06 is a unique visualiser that is the first in a new range of innovative accessories designed to work easily with projectors, on the sidelines of the company’s participation in the Integrated Systems Europe show in Amsterdam.

Ideal for the classroom and education centers, the DC-06 is compact, quick to set up and simple to use. Requiring just a single USB cable when used with Epson’s new EB-85, EB-825 and EB-826W projectors, the visualiser enables the presentation of documents without the need for a computer or separate power supply.

The new document camera also works easily with other projectors via the use of a computer as there is no need for a separate power cable. The DC-06 has a small footprint and is extremely light, making it the ideal portable accessory that can be carried from room to room and easily stored when not in use.

(Source) Arab Wide Web