Epson EB-410W Projector Now In Japan

If you are eagerly waiting to get Epson EB-410W Projector in Japan, then your wait gets over now. Epson EB-410W Projector is now soon going to be available in the Japanese market. This new projector comes fitted with a 3 x 0.59” LCD TFT Panel mit MLA. It is capable of providing a superb contrast of 500:1 and an anti lumen of 2000:1600 in Eco Mode.

Epson’s EB-410W Projector can deliver 1280 x 800 WXGA resolution and 1.024.000 pixels. It is capable of supporting various signals like Pal, Pal-M, Pal-N, Pal-60, NTSC and HDTV. It comes fitted with a superb and long lasting 170W UHE lamp that gives it a long life.

The new Epson EB-410W Projector also features S-Video input, 2 x D-Sub 15 input, and Mini Jack Audio input. You can easily grab Epson EB-410W Projector in Japan at an estimated price of 190,008 Yen from late May 2009 onwards.