Epos Encore 50 Loudspeakers

Iconic British speaker company, Epos is all set to unveil its much awaited flagship speaker, the Encore 50, at CES. Designed to deliver pure musical enjoyment, each and every part of the speaker has been developed to a standard. The Encore 50 stands tall in every ways, right from its design to cabinet construction, speaker drive units to the crossover and voicing.

The Encore 50 stands 1.2 meters high and is deeper rather than wide. To support its 50 kg weight, it is supplied with a stylish painted MDF plinth. The steel spiked and fully adjustable turned aluminum feet allow easy adjustment of the speaker. All drive units of the speaker are separately wired, using custom Epos solid core wire.

The bass enclosure of the Encore 50 has a volume of 43 litres. To combine high rigidity with good inherent damping the 2 x 220 mm woofers and 158 mm mid-range cones are made from a Kevlar/carbon fibre/pulp mixture. Integrated with so many high end features, the Encore 50 is sure to represent yet another great leap forward in Epos speaker system.