Epic Releases Macy Gray Album on Surround Sound SACD

Sony Music’s Epic record label has released the latest album by Grammy winning R&B singer Macy Gray as a 5.1 Surround Sound SACD. The album entitled The Trouble With Being Myself is Gray’s third album and was released on Stereo CD in mid July. According to Epic Records, Gray says «I love it, it’s definitely the best album that I’ve made.»

Album Tracks
1. When I See You
2. It Ain’t The Money
3. She Ain’t Right For You
4. Things That Made Me Change
5. Come Together
6. She Don’t Write Songs
7. Jesus For A Day
8. My Fondest Childhood Memories
9. Happiness
10. Speechless
11. Screamin’
12. Every Now and Then

The new Macy Gray disc is a Single Layer Multichannel SACD. It features SACD Surround Sound and SACD Stereo versions of the music on the album and is playable only on SACD and SACD compatible DVD Video players.

The new Macy Gray SACD is now available from Tower Records as well as several web stores that carry SACDs including Acoustic Sounds, Elusive Disc, Music Direct and Red Trumpet.

John Mayer’s Heavier Things on SACD
Earlier this month, some of the Sony Music web sites were showing a 5.1 Surround Sound SACD release of John Mayer’s «Heavier Things» album. The disc was slated for release on September 9th, as was the Macy Gray SACD.

In checking with Sony Music, I learned that while the Heavier Things album is indeed planned for a 5.1 Surround Sound SACD release, work on that project is still underway. As a result, the SACD will not be appearing in stores this week as originally indicated on the Sony Music New Release web sites. Instead we will have to wait a bit longer for its release.

Bob Dylan Leads Upcoming Sony Music SACD Releases
Sony Music informs me that they are still on track with next week’s planned SACD releases. These releases include the first 15 SACDs in the Bob Dylan Remastered Series, a boxed set of the first 15 of the Dylan Remastered Series SACDs and a Christmas album by Barry Manilow. Here’s an updated list of upcoming SACDs from Sony Music:

September 16, 2003

  • Bob Dylan — 15 Bob Dylan Remastered Individual Hybrid SACDs & Boxed Set of All 15 SACDs
  • Barry Manilow — A Christmas Gift of Love [Single Layer SACD Surround Sound] (Columbia/Concord Jazz CS 86976)

    October 7, 2003

  • Aerosmith — Toys In The Attic [Single Layer SACD Surround Sound] (Columbia CS 57362)
  • Murray Perahia — Schubert: Piano Concertos [Single Layer SACD Surround Sound] (Sony Classical SS 87760)

    October 21, 2003

  • David Bowie — Reality [Single Layer SACD Surround Sound] (ISO/Columbia CS 90576)
  • Kelly Rowland — Simply Deep [Single Layer SACD Surround Sound] (Columbia CS 86516)
    Macy Gray — The Trouble With Being Myself (Epic ES 86535)