Epic 17F9936 Flat TV


Epic has shortly released its new 17F9936 Flat TV which is an excellent performer in providing natural images with exceptional detail. You would love this flat TV as it comes equipped with a radio capable of storing 40 FM presets. The facility of on-screen naming eliminates horizontal and vertical hanging dots as well as dot crawl makes navigation simple, and a handy Clock Screensaver is also included for use while listening.

So come, throw a glance at the features of the Epic 17F9936 Flat TV:

  • 3 Line Digital Comb Filter
  • Built in speakers with 6 watts RMS
  • DCDi by Faroudja with 3:2 Reverse Pulldown
  • Digital Crystal Clear IIITM
  • Flexible inputs: HD Component and VGA (WXGA Resolution)
  • High Definition Monitor (1080i, 720p) displayed as 720p
  • NTSC Tuner

Enjoy a huge bulk of several other facilities that comes packed in the Epic 17F9936 Flat TV including Dynamic Contrast, Auto Volume Leveler and advanced 10 bit processing, 30% more contrast and lots more. Friends, you will never get to realize that you have done anything wrong after bringing home the slim and stylish Epic 17F9936 Flat TV.