Envision L26W761 and L32W761 LCD Monitors


Envision Peripherals Inc., recently introduced its the new Omni Series line of stylish, high-performance LCD TVs which include the inventive wide-screen 26-inch and 32-inch L26W761 and L32W761 LCD HDTVs. The company provides L26W761 and L32W761 LCD HDTVs and each comes employed with video and HDMI input with 800:1 and 1500:1 contrast ratios, respectively.

These models also sports High-Definition capability with ATSC and digital clear-QAM tuners, offering clear reception of over-the-air HD broadcasts and permitting them to decipher clear channels broadcasted digitally over cable devoid of the requirement for separate set-top receiver boxes. The LCD TVs benchmark features comprise of a color-coded, multi-function remote, incorporated speakers, headphone output and an all-digital S/PDIF interface that is well-matched with mainly surround sound set-ups to make sure vibrant sound delivery of movies, video games and television programs.

The LCD TV has been designed in a style with theatrical glossy black finish and this is not all each of these new LCD displays can be with no trouble mounted on the wall at home or anywhere else furthermore, the L26W761 and L32W761 LCDS also offers a viewing angle of more than 170-degrees. Both the models are at present obtainable through selected retailers and online at a pricing of $479 and $649 respectively.

Via: Prnewswire Press