Emtec releases S800 HDD Movie Cube

If you’re looking for a painless way to get your feature length movies in your TV room, Emtec’s S800 HDD Movie Cube may be for you.

Featuring 500GB of internal storage which allows for about 600 feature length movies, the Movie Cube has HDMI, USB and Scart ports allowing for a wide range of connectivity.

Bored of movies? Fine, the S800 also includes a built in radio, along with music playback, so you won’t miss a tune.

There are several ways to get content on the Movie Cube as it also doubles as a DVR, allowing for recording and playback of your favorite TV programs. Network it with your computer using the built in Ethernet port or WiFi for even more pain-free transfers.

Emtec’s S800 Movie Cube will go on sale in December for ?229.99 or about $350.

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