EMI UK to Release Deep Purple Album in SACD and DVD-A

EMI UK has announced plans to release the album “Concerto for Group and Orchestra” in high resolution audio. Originally released in September 1969, this album merges the rock music of Deep Purple with classical music played by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Malcolm Arnold. The album includes three original pieces written by Deep Purple band member Jon Lord.

The album is scheduled for release in Europe on September 30, 2002 in a variety of formats including conventional CD, DVD Video, Hybrid Layer Multichannel SACD (EMI UK 7243-541009-2) and Multichannel DVD-A (EMI UK 7243-541012-9).

Several Web Stores Accepting Pre-Orders
In checking some of the overseas web sites that sell SACD and DVD-A discs, we did indeed find that several of them are taking pre-orders for this release. Interested SACD and DVD-A fans should check the Amazon.co.uk (UK), Amazon.de (Germany) and Hmv.co.jp (Japan) web sites to place their pre-orders.

According to the Amazon.co.uk web site, the price for both the Multichannel SACD and Multichannel DVD-A versions of “Concerto for Group and Orchestra” will be £19.99.

Machine Head Also Rumored to Be Coming to Multichannel SACD
After the release of Deep Purple’s popular “Machine Head” album on DVD-A disc by Warner Music in the US last year, there have been questions from Deep Purple fans about a Multichannel SACD release in Europe from EMI UK. We have heard rumors that such a release from EMI UK is in the planning stages.

Recently there was additional information on such a release from the Deep Purple Appreciation Society web site at www.deep-purple.net. According to information there, EMI UK is planning a Hybrid Multichannel SACD of “Machine Head” that would feature Multichannel and Stereo SACD versions of the album as well as a conventional CD track through the use of a Hybrid Layer SACD disc release.

The article on the Deep Purple Appreciation Society web site suggests that the SACD of “Machine Head” will be released this month. However, we have been unable to find any web stores offering pre-orders on this title, suggesting that if the Machine Head Mulichannel SACD is coming, it may be appearing a bit later on.