EMI Releases Dana Winner Album As Single Inventory SACD [HFR]

EMI has announced that the latest album by Belgium pop singing star Dana Winner entitled “Unforgettable Too” is being released in Europe as a single inventory, Hybrid Multichannel/Stereo SACD on its Capitol Records label. The release is being touted as the first time that a major pop star has released a new album in this fashion without an accompanying Stereo CD release in Europe.

Winner has released two earlier albums on Super Audio CD (SACD): “Licht En Liefde”, a Hybrid Stereo SACD with 13 songs performed in Winner’s native language and “Unforgettable”, a Hybrid Multichannel SACD with 15 songs performed in English that features Winner’s versions of several well known pop hits.

Unlike the new Unforgettable Too, these albums are available on both SACD and Stereo CD disc. (You will find detailed reviews of both of Winner’s albums in the Reviews section of High Fidelity Review).

Introducing the Unforgettable Too SACD
According to reports from several sources, the Unforgettable Too SACD was introduced at Galaxy Studios in Belgium by album producer Wilfried Van Baelen. He played a selection from the album in both CD and then Multichannel SACD to compare the two technologies.

Van Baelen explained that the single inventory Hybrid SACD allowed music fans to pick up the album at the same price as a regular Stereo CD – providing them with 3 versions of the album on one disk: higher quality Multichannel SACD and Stereo SACD versions of the album at the same they also had a conventional Stereo CD version.

Winner then made a surprise appearance and performed three of the songs from the new album.

To promote the SACD format, Philips and Sony have launched a contest in association with the release of Unforgettable Too. The contest will provide an opportunity for European music fans to win a Super Audio CD Music System which is said to be worth 1000 euro.

Album Selections
1. Conquest of Paradise
2. Love is All
3. Sealed with a Kiss
4. Everything I Do, I Do It for You
5. Downtown
6. Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue
7. Dust in the Wind
8. Try to Remember
9. It’s a Heartache
10. Love is a Reason
11. Crying
12. Plaisir d’Amour
13. Against all Odds
14. Streets of London
15. Abba Medley

The Unforgettable Two album is now available in record stores in Europe. In addition, it is available for purchase over the Internet at the Proxis.Be web site in Belgium as well as the Dana Winner website (see link below).