Emerson LC320EMX Review-A Good Solid Budget Model

Let’s face it, folks–if you’re looking for a new TV these days it’s pretty much LCD or nothing.  That’s just the sad and sorry truth.  And so, you’re talking about paying over three hundred bucks in virtually every instance for this new system.  But sometimes, you can find a quality system on the low end of that scale, and that’s exactly the case for the Emerson LC320EMX.

It’s a thirty two inch 720p system, with three HDMI ports, two component video arrays and a PC port.  Plus, it’s Energy Star 3.0 compliant.

One, I love that this system has sidemounted controls.  More models are coming with that feature, and I really enjoy it.  It’s compact and super-efficient.  The image, meanwhile, is clear enough and the sound is solid enough.  There’s nothing really fantastic about this system but it’s definitely a solid workhorse model.  If you’re looking to trade up from an old tube TV system, the Emerson LC320EMX is a great place to start.  And for just three hundred eighty dollars, it’s hard to do much better.