Elite Bat Cave Home Theater

Home Theater enthusiasts who value distinction and love to try out different combinations see this Bat Cave Home Theater. Elite HTS, a custom home theater seating provider introduced awe-inspiring home theater installations for home theater lovers. I found out the Bat Cave Home Theater more alluring. The Home Theater installation is planned on the basis of following tips:

  • Use a “wall saver” incliner mechanism requiring 2” to 4” inches of wall clearance behind the chair.
  • Maintain a proper aisle depth between rows with an average distance of an extended footrest in front of a reclined chair being 24” while optimum distance considering 30” to 40”.
  • Recommending a riser height of 7” to 12” with a 5” to 7” step
  • Low power consuming motorized chairs.

Elite has setup elegant home theater systems in many high profile locations. The Technicolor Studios Harrods department store in London, and American High Definition in Los Angeles are a few of the benefited locations.

Via: Elite