Electronic Houses 2009 Home of the Year


2009 Home of the Year

The Electronic House’s 2009 Home of the Year is situated among the Hollywood Hills. This residence was designed and built by Temple Home co-owner, Xorin Balbes and architect Paul Ashley who contributed the vision, and left the audio-visual to DSI Entertainment Systems. Three areas within the home are filled by surround sound, including a 7.1-channel JBL Synthesis system in the theater and an downplayed 7.1 Sonance architectural speaker layout in the family room. There’s even a separate video game room that features a triple-screen auto racing simulator and a flat-panel TV that links into a local PC for gaming entertainment.

The home theater shows movies on a 125-inch Stewart Filmscreen in the superwide CinemaScope format (2.35:1 aspect ratio), paired with a Runco projector and CineWide anamorphic lens that fills the screen without black bars. In combination with the JBL system, which includes Synthesis processing, equalization and amplification, the theater ranks with the finest of Hollywood screening rooms.