Elecom XCALGO EHP-OH900 Headphones

EHP-OH900SK_21L Music is a passion for us. We enjoy listening music anywhere and anytime. However, the problem of carrying high-digital bass headphones persists. The headphones may be good at their output but usually are too bulky to carry.

ELECOM_XCALGO_006Elecom Japan has a solution to our problem. The new XCALGO EHP-OH900 series headphones are highly portable and reproduce superb digital audio with higher bass. The EHP-OH900 series features completely retractable headphones which employ a unique folding mechanism to maximize storage.

The Elecom XCALGO series includes four beautiful models. You may choose from black, white, pink or the skull versions.


¦     Driver unit: ?36mm
¦     Impedance: 32?
¦     Sound pressure sensitivity: 101dB/1mW
¦     Maximum permissible input: 50mW
¦     Playing frequency band: 20Hz ~ 20kHz
¦     Cord length: about 0.8m (one piece)