Eleanor McEvoy Releases Surround Sound SACD Single

Market Square Records has released a new 5.1 Surround Sound SACD Single by singer Eleanor McEvoy. The new SACD single, available today in music stores in the U.K. features two songs from McEvoy’s recent album entitled Early Hours which was released earlier this year as a Single Inventory Surround Sound SACD (Market Square Records MSM5.1SACD128).

The Surround Sound SACD Single features two versions of the song “I’ll Be Willing” – the full version from the album which runs 3:49 and a “Radio Edit” version which is slightly shorter, running at 3:10. Also included on the Super Audio CD single is McEvoy’s version of the Chuck Berry classic “Memphis Tennessee”, which also appears on the Early Hours album at 2:35.

The First SACD Surround Sound Single?
Market Square Records is touting the new release as the first SACD Surround Sound Single. High Fidelity Review readers will recall that Market Square released a Hybrid Stereo SACD Single by the Eleanor McEvoy featuring the songs “Did I Hurt You?” and “Isn’t It A Little Late?” from her previous Hybrid Stereo SACD album entitled Yola two years ago (Market Square SACD MSMSACD114).

I think the honor for the first 5.1 Surround Sound SACD Single actually goes to the Rolling Stones with their Sympathy for the Devil SACD (ABKCO Records 18771-9666-2) which features that famous tune in several different Surround Sound mixes. I would note that the Sympathy for the Devil Remix SACD by the Stones has seven tracks on it, so some may view it as more of an Extended Play (EP) release than a Single. We’ll leave that to you to decide who was actually first on this one.

Comments from the Artist
In the announcement of her SACD Single, Eleanor McEvoy is quoted as saying that “SA-CD is an enormously faithful and accurate medium for recording my music. When I listen to the disc at home I’m immediately transported back to the recording sessions. Add the artistry of multi-channel SA-CD to the outstanding stereo resolution we found when recording Yola and the result makes the hairs on my neck stand on end.”

To support the new SACD Surround Sound Single and the Early Hours Surround Sound Super Audio CD album, McEvoy is launching a tour that started on Friday. It runs from July 2nd to July 16th and includes stops in the U.K, Scotland and Wales.

The new Surround Sound SACD Single of I’ll Be Waiting is now available at music stores in the U.K. It is also available for order through the Amazon web sites in the U.K. (Amazon.co.uk), Japan (Amazon.jp) and Germany (Amazon.de).