EIZO Unveils A New Multi-Touch Monitor

Eizo has unveiled a new multi-touch monitor called the FlexScan T1751. Apparently, its target audience in the consumer market is mainly business professionals but your average Joe can probably find it on store shelves in due time anyway. This monitor will function in a upright or tilted nearly flat position and it carries a non-widescreen, 5:4 aspect ratio with a less-than-impressive 1,280 x 1,024 resolution.

Furthermore, the FlexScan T1751 is operated with touch pen and gloved hands and you can expect a reasonable 178 degree viewing angle, coupled with a 1,500:1 contrast ratio. In addition to this, a couple of built-in 0.5W speakers, a headphone jack and in accordance with its industrial design, the monitor is packing a non-scratch surface made of reinforced glass. But alas, no information concerning price or availability has been released at this point. Eizo has told consumers to “check with their local distributor” for that precious intel.