EIZO FlexScan SX2762W IPS LCD Display

EIZO intros its latest 27-inch FlexScan SX2762W IPS LCD display designed especially for graphic designers, CAD/CAM, DTP professionals, and digital photographers.

The SX2762W is a 10-bit monitor with a wide color gamut to deliver 97% of the Adobe RGB color space, and an amazing picture quality at 2560 x 1440 16:9 resolution, 850:1 contrast ratio, 270 cd/m2 brightness and1.07 billion colors from a 16-bit look-up table (LUT).

Boasting a cool new cabinet design, FlexScan SX2762W is the very first model that is accompanied with the new FlexStand 2. This display features a quick 6ms GTG response time and 178-degree viewing angle.

The Digital Uniformity Equalizer (DUE) balances the fluctuations in brightness and offer chroma uniformity. EIZO will bring its new FlexScan SX2762W-HX soon for sale in the Japanese market at a price of 124,800 Yen.