Eight Talking Heads Albums Released on DualDisc with High Resolution Surround

October 4th saw the highly anticipated high-resolution release of eight Talking Heads studio albums, packaged together with rare, unreleased audio and video tracks and stunning surround mixes created by band member Jerry Harrison and E.T Thorngren in a box set known as the Talking Heads ‘Brick’.

Each DualDisc has a standard resolution CD side, and over on the DVD side there’s are multi-channel Dolby Digital surround and Dolby Digital stereo mixes for DVD-Video players together with a dedicated 96kHz 24-bit stereo track and 96kHz 24-bit 5.1 multi-channel mix, both for DVD-Audio machines.

Details from Warner Media Group:

Talking Heads’ eight pioneering albums defied easy musical categorization, and now, eleven years after David Byrne, Chris Franz, Tina Weymouth and Jerry Harrison’s last release together, Rhino Records does physically what could not be done musically – it puts Talking Heads in a box. ‘Talking Heads’ features each of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees’ studio albums remastered, expanded and released simultaneously on DualDisc. Packaged in a dramatic white plastic block with song titles chiseled into it, ‘Talking Heads’ became available October 4 at regular retail outlets for a suggested price of $149.98.

Co-produced by Talking Heads with Harrison personally overseeing the audio and DVD-Audio remixes, ‘Talking Heads’ includes all of their studio albums — the band’s 1977 debut, their Brian Eno and self-produced classics, and the band’s 1998 swan song, the Steve Lillywhite-produced ‘Naked. Each DualDisc includes the original album in remastered stereo plus rare bonus songs on the CD side. The DVD side contains the original album mixed in 5.1 surround sound, plus bonus audio and video content, lyrics and photos.

In addition to the hits ‘Burning Down the House’, ‘Take Me To The River’, ‘Road To Nowhere’, ‘Wild, Wild Life’ and ‘Once In A Lifetime’ this deluxe sonic upgrade includes an impressive collection of previously unavailable bonus songs and videos. Unreleased highlights include an acoustic version of ‘Psycho Killer’ mixed in 5.1 Surround Sound, a live 1976 video performance of ‘I Feel It In My Heart’ recorded at The Kitchen in New York, alternate mixes of ‘The Big Country’ and ‘Life During Wartime’ early versions of ‘And She Was’ and ‘Road To Nowhere’ a version of ‘Papa Legba’ featuring Pops Staples, several unfinished outtakes from the ‘Remain In Light’ sessions, as well as music videos and German television performances.

Formed in the mid-’70s at the Rhode Island School of Design, Talking Heads were art school punks who made a name on the nascent punk scene at CBGBs before evolving into one of pop music’s most adventurous and influential bands. Talking Heads pioneered a polyrhythmic sound that barrowed from rock, funk, punk, world beat and avant-garde minimalism to create clever, experimental music embraced by radio audiences.

Here at High Fidelity Review we’ve been absolutely astounded by the fidelity and thoroughly engrossing nature of the high-resolution surround mixes on all of these discs. Fans of Talking Heads will love the way each and every element of the band’s most complex, multi-layered tracks can now be heard with incredible clarity while surround aficionados will no doubt agree with us; these are some of the finest multi-channel mixes heard to date.

Officially priced at $150 for the complete set, it can be ordered from Amazon.com for $120.

DualDisc track lists are as follows:

‘Talking Heads: 77’

  1. Uh-Oh, Love Comes To Town
  2. New Feeling
  3. Tentative Decisions
  4. Happy Day
  5. Who Is It?
  6. No Compassion
  7. The Book I Read
  8. Don’t Worry About The Government
  9. First Week/Last Week…Carefree
  10. Psycho Killer
  11. Pulled Up

Bonus Tracks

  • Psycho Killer – acoustic 5.1 mix*
  • Uh-Oh, Love Comes To Town – alternate 5.1 mix

Video Content

  • Pulled Up – Live at Sproul Plaza, Berkley, CA 1978*
  • I Feel It In My Heart – Live at The Kitchen, New York, NY, 1976*

‘More Songs About Buildings and Food’

  1. Thank You For Sending Me An Angel
  2. With Our Love
  3. The Good Thing
  4. Warning Sign
  5. The Girls Want To Be With The Girls
  6. Found A Job
  7. Artists Only
  8. I’m Not In Love
  9. Stay Hungry
  10. Take Me To The River
  11. The Big Country

Bonus Tracks

  • Stay Hungry – 1977 version*
  • I’m Not In Love – alternate version*
  • The Big Country – alternate version*
  • Thank You For Sending Me An Angel – Country Angel version*

Video Content

  • Found A Job – Live at Entermedia Theatre, New York, NY 1978*
  • Warning Sign – Live at Sproul Plaza, Berkley, CA 1978*

‘Fear of Music’

  1. I Zimbra
  2. Mind
  3. Paper
  4. Cities
  5. Life During Wartime
  6. Memories Can’t Wait
  7. Air
  8. Heaven
  9. Animals
  10. Electric Guitar
  11. Drugs

Bonus Tracks

  • Dancing For Money – unfinished outtake*
  • Life During Wartime – alternate version*
  • Cities – alternate version
  • Mind – alternate version*

Video Content

  • Cities – Rockpop German TV Appearance, 1980*
  • I Zimbra – Rockpop German TV Appearance, 1980*

‘Remain in the Light’

  1. Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)
  2. Crosseyed And Painless
  3. The Great Curve
  4. Once In A Lifetime
  5. Houses In Motion
  6. Seen And Not Seen
  7. Listening Wind
  8. The Overload

Bonus Tracks

  • Fela’s Riff – unfinished outtake*
  • Unison – unfinished outtake*
  • Double Groove – unfinished outtake*
  • Right Start – unfinished outtake*

Video Content

  • Crosseyed And Painless – Rockpop German TV Appearance, 1980*
  • Once In A Lifetime – Rockpop German TV Appearance, 1980*

‘Speaking in Tongues’

  1. Burning Down The House
  2. Making Flippy Floppy
  3. Girlfriend Is Better
  4. Slippery People
  5. I Get Wild/Wild Gravity
  6. Swamp
  7. Moon Rocks
  8. Pull Up The Roots
  9. This Must Be The Place (Naпve Melody)

Bonus Track

  • Burning Down The House – alternate 5.1 mix*

Video Content

  • Burning Down The House – music video, 1982*
  • This Must Be The Place (Naпve Melody) – music video, 1983

‘Little Creatures’

  1. And She Was
  2. Give Me Back My Name
  3. Creatures Of Love
  4. The Lady Don’t Mind
  5. Perfect World
  6. Stay Up Late
  7. Walk It Down
  8. Television Man
  9. Road To Nowhere

Bonus Tracks

  • Road To Nowhere – early version*
  • And She Was – early version*
  • Television Man – extended mix

Video Content

  • And She Was – music video, 1985
  • Road To Nowhere – music video, 1985

‘True Stories’

  1. Love For Sale
  2. Puzzlin’ Evidence
  3. Hey Now
  4. Papa Legba
  5. Wild Wild Life
  6. Radio Head
  7. Dream Operator
  8. People Like Us
  9. City of Dreams

Bonus Track

  • Papa Legba – Pops Staples vocal version, 5.1 mix*

Video Content

  • Wild Wild Life – music video, 1986
  • Love For Sale – music video, 1986


  1. Blind
  2. Mr. Jones
  3. Ruby Dear
  4. (Nothing But) Flowers
  5. The Democratic Circus
  6. The Facts Of Life
  7. Mommy Daddy You And I
  8. Big Daddy
  9. Bill
  10. Cool Water

Bonus Track

  • Sax And Violins – 5.1 mix

Video Content

  • Blind – music video, 1988
  • Sax And Violins – music video, 1991

* Previously unreleased tracks

Talking Heads 'Brick' - eight albums with high-resolution surroundTalking Heads ‘Brick’ – eight albums with high-resolution surround