EchoStar Unveils SlingLoaded HD DVR

EchoStar proudly unveils its new SlingLoaded HD DVR. The newly launched T2200S is the world’s first SlingLoaded, tru2way-based and multi0tuner set-top box that has been especially designed for the cable TV industry. Featuring Sling Media’s placeshifting technology, this new product lets you watch any content from TV, DVR or VOD.

The new T2200S is capable of supporting MPEG-2, H.264 and VC1. It features 1GHz tuners that can support expanded network bandwidth. It comes featuring an attractive, backlit front panel and a capacitive touch. Not just these, this DVR also incorporates a clock display.

You can connect T2200S with the home network via Ethernet, WiFi or Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA). It can support Macrovision and DCS analog copy protection. The new EchoStar T2200S SlingLoaded HD DVR is expected to be available in the market by June 2009 at a price that has not yet been disclosed.