EchoStar Ultra Slimline DVR

EchoStar Ultra Slimline DVR EchoStar Europe is pleased to introduce one of the slimmest ever digital video recorder (DVR) enclosed in a state-of-the-art nickel-plated case. The recorder houses all the latest technology that you would expect from any latest high-end DVR.

Measuring just 9mm in height, this EchoStar Ultra Slimline DVR features conditional access and solid state recording. It is configured for satellite reception. However, it also supports cable, IPTV and optional Wi-Fi, for easy and high-speed internet access. The slimline product uses a dedicated power management processor and meets the latest European guidelines for reduced power consumption. For DVR features such as live pause there is 32GB of solid state memory available.

Other features of the slimline include an OLED dot matrix display with touch-sensitive buttons and build option for SlingLoaded technology that will enable you to watch TV anywhere, anytime.