Eagle Arion 2.1 iDock Speakers with Subwoofer for iPods

iPod and iPhone owners can now bring their audio experience anywhere as Eagle Arion introduces the 2.1 iDock Speakers with Subwoofer. We have seen a lot of these kinds of docks in the market which provide iPod and iPhone users options on sharing or listening alternatively outside the usual earphones or headphones that their device comes with.

What makes the Eagle Arion 2.1 iDock Speakers with Subwoofer so great? Well it features a total of 20-watts of RMS power. The satellites each have 5-watts RMS, and the subwoofer has 10-watts RMS power. Total peak power for the dock is 40 watts.

Among the highlights is better sound quality delivery thanks to its good bass and multiple inputs. The downside is that there are issues when you want to use your iPhone (control issues) and it doesn’t support the iPod Touch. Well, there had to be something missing right?

(Source) Slippery Brick