E-Disk Altima E2A3 Serial ATA (SATA) solid state flash drive


BiTMICRO unveils its latest E-Disk Altima E2A3 416GB 2.5-inch SATA Flash Disk Drive in the SSD Industry. The New SATA Disk boasts of 3Gb/sec Burst Rate. This intelligent flash SSD can sustain transfer rates of up to 100MB/sec, making it ideal for mobile computing, embedded and networked storage solutions. The company has announced it will commence the shipping of its E-Disk Altima E2A3 from Q2 2008. The disk is supported by the EDSA DMC and LUNETA MFI ASIC. The E2A3 has the capacity to withstand shock and vibration up to 1,500 G and 16.5 Gs.

Via: Businesswire