Dynex DXLDVD2210A Television Review-Utility At A Great Price

Normally, folks, I don’t review a television smaller than thirty two inches, as I believe much less sort of destroys the impact of a home theater.  But I made an exception for the Dynex DXLDVD2210A because it brought a little something extra to the table, to-wit, maximum utility.

The Dynex DXLDVD2210A is a twenty two inch 720p LCD television with a built in DVD player, HDMI input, PC input, one composite input, one component input, one S-video input, one RF input and one headphone jack.

You can see there’s not a lot here, though you can likely hook at least a small setup to it, or even patch your computer in through it and use it as a really tricked-out monitor for your home theater PC with, no less, an auxiliary DVD backup player.  And yes, you’re not likely to use it as the hub for your home theater setup.  But for a smaller home theater, or a starter one, the Dynex DXLDVD2210A is an excellent start, with a decent picture and sound, and an incredibly low price tag of just two hundred fifty dollars.