Dynex DXL32110A Television Review-Nice Bargain Alternative

I love a good bargain, folks.  I truly do.  Why?  Because it’s an elevator, that’s why.  It takes the common everyday working Joe–folks like you and me–and gives us access to a level of stuff we may not ordinarily be able to get.  And today I’m talking about the Dynex DXL32110A.

The Dynex DXL32110A is a thirty two inch 720p LCD television that boasts Energy Star certification, 8.5 millisecond response time to help cut streaking and blurring, two HDMI inputs, a PC input, two composite inputs, one RF input, two component inputs, two five watt speakers, a headphone jack, an audio output, and a decent 3000:1 contrast ratio.

Now, you can tell right off, just from that spec list, that this does NOT have a lot going for it.  The inputs are pretty slim, and the speakers are pretty low down on the power chain.  Five watts is not a whole lot of speaker juice.  But the picture on this does look pretty good, and the sound is actually pretty nice for five watts.

The key to this one’s value is its sheer value–you can get your own Dynex DXL32110A for three hundred forty bucks at Best Buy.  That’s going to leave you with plenty of cash left over to get a simple home theater speaker kit and hook it in to the Dynex to offset that speaker disadvantage.

If you’re looking for simple and inexpensive, though, then the Dynex DXL32110A is definitely one to bear in mind.