Dynex DXL3210A Review-Little Name, Big Product

You know, it’s not every day I get to tell you about a great product from a company you probably don’t hear much out of.  In fact, while setting this one up I did a search for Dynex right here–know how many results I got?  NONE.  Not a hit.  So this is the first.

And it’s worth being the first, too, because the Dynex DXL3210A is a surprisingly high-quality system for not a whole lot of cash.  It’s a thirty-two inch 720p system with three HDMI inputs, a PC input, two composite inputs, an S-video port, an RF jack, a headphone jack and an audio jack.

The sound and image quality are both well above average–in fact, they both sound and look pretty nice.  In fact, the only real issue comes with the convenient sidemount controls for the channel and volume.  Instead of using up and down for labels, they use left and right.  That can take some getting used to and certainly isn’t as intuitive as up and down meaning louder and softer.

But this is a relatively small issue, and if you’re looking for a low cost–just three hundred eighty dollars depending on where you shop–LCD setup with plenty of ports and inputs to serve as the center of your home theater, then the Dynex DXL3210A can definitely do the job.