Dynaudio Focus110 A

Dynaudio multipurpose Focus110 A

The Dynaudio multipurpose Focus110 A acts as an ideal loudspeaker for a wide range of high-end audio/video and music systems. It complements many different applications that range from more conventional high-end system setups to compact bedroom, dorm or office systems. For the minimalist a simplified hi-fi system can be created just by partnering the 110 A directly to a CD player (or DVD/Blu-ray player) or any audio source. For custom installations, the Focus 110 A can be used as a speaker in a distributed audio system zone.

The Focus110A can also be used as a high-end TV speaker, as you can connect it directly to a flat screen monitor with volume-controlled audio-outs. The Focus 110 A will be available in the four standard natural wood finishes (Maple, Cherry, Rosewood, and Black Ash). Additionally, Dynaudio will also offer this model in new high gloss Black or White lacquer finishes beginning April 2009. The Focus 110 A is priced around $2,450 per pair.