DVP Remote for Roku is on sale for $1.99 on iOS

While you might not have a YouTube channel on your Roku anymore, you can get a Roku remote app on iOS for it.

The DVPRemote is a universal app that can work on the iPhone, iPod Touch, as well as the iPad. It can automatically find all the Roku players on a network, and managed and control them. It also has automatic navigation to tiles on a Netflix Instant Queue.

What you are seeing is a remote that is probably a heck of a lot better than the remote that comes with the Roku. In fact, the app is quoted as being “a better remote for your Roku player”. It can do some very good things like have a QWERTY keyboard, which comes in handy for movie searching.

This DVPRemote app is on sale for a limited time on the iTunes store for $1.99, but I have no idea how long this deal is going to stay there.