DVDPlay Out, Blockbuster In

Folks, the day is approaching ever faster where there are no video stores any more, simply the by-mail services and huge banks of vending machines to get you the material you long for.

And if you needed any more proof of that outrageous assertion, the folks out at NCR want to give you that proof by way of their recent announcement.  They’ve bought out DVDPlay, and are putting in twelve hundred of the DVD rental kiosks all across the country, under the Blockbuster Express aegis.

Another twelve hundred kiosks, folks.  Blockbuster must really be counting on this business model to succeed, because they sure are putting a lot of force and weight behind it.

I personally look forward to seeing how it works.  There’s a lot of suggestion that these DVD kiosks have some serious problems, especially if Blockbuster’s planning to roll out the download kiosks at some point.

Either way, though, this is definitely a story to watch!