DVD-Audio is Popular Wedding Gift

Toshiba’s SD-9200 DVD-Audio player is one of the twenty-five most popular wedding gifts according to today’s Amazon.com technology trends report.

Launched on 14th February this year, Amazon’s Wedding Registry allows engaged couples to create on-line wedding lists, detailing the items they’d like to receive on the ‘big day’. Friends and family can then visit Amazon.com, view the list and purchase items upon it.

Trends indicate that electronics gadgets such as video game consoles and DVD players are actually more popular with newlyweds than traditional white goods items such as food processors, vacuum cleaners and toasters. Amazon speculates that non-traditional items are gaining in popularity because more couples postpone marriage until they are older – the average ages of engaged couples are twenty-six for the bride and twenty-eight for the groom – and therefore many already own kitchen and household essentials.

The SD-9200 is Toshiba’s flagship DVD-Audio machine, which is also capable of DVD-Video, Video-CD, CD-DA and CD-R playback. Other features include 24-bit 192kHz audio digital-to-analogue converters, HDCD® filtering, a 10-bit 54MHz video digital-to-analogue converter and Super ColorStream® Pro progressive scan component video outputs.

Other high-tech items in the top twenty-five wedding gifts include Microsoft’s Xbox Adrenaline Pack, the Canon Elura 20MC digital video camera, the Sony PlayStation2 Starter Pack and Panasonic’s DVD-RV31K DVD-Video player.