DualDisc to be Officially Launched in Europe on March 4th

DualDisc is to be officially launched in Europe on March 4th at an event held at Dolby Laboratories central London office. The event will comprise three mid-day sessions to include a presentation and questions and answers session followed by an informal buffet and drinks. There will be members of the music, tech and trade press in attendance, as well as representatives from UK retail and distribution.

Friday, March 4th 2005
First Session – 12:30pm
Second Session – 1:15pm
Final Session – 2:00pm

Dolby Laboratories London Office
4th Floor, Hammersley House
5 – 8, Warwick Street
London W1.

An introduction to the format will be presented by John Trickett, Chairman/CEO of 5.1 Entertainment Group, the parent company of Silverline Records, who are due to release over 100 DualDisc titles in the UK and Europe this year starting in April.

The press invitation explains that: “DualDiscs are an exciting new entertainment product which combines music, film and video on a single, two-sided disc. The CD side of every DualDisc contains a full-length audio album while the DVD side features a wide range of exclusive content such as the same album in enhanced sound (i.e. 5.1 Surround Sound or enhanced LPCM stereo), music videos, interviews, photo galleries, web links, concert footage, lyrics and more. DualDiscs play on existing CD and DVD hardware devices such as DVD players, car stereos, PCs, game consoles and CD players.

The word “DVD-Audio” is not mentioned.

The invitation continues: “DualDisc has already been warmly welcomed in North America by the music industry and consumers alike, with above-anticipated sales figures and keen anticipation amongst music fans for upcoming releases.

Attendees to the launch will receive food, drink, a free ‘goodie bag’ containing a selection of DualDisc titles, the ‘DualDisc’ flipbook, a DualDisc sampler, information on forthcoming titles and much more.

Press wishing to attend can contact Alan Robinson or Lesley Shone at Indiscreet PR (telephone: 0207 692 4906) or Maryann Melchior at Speakerphone Music (telephone: 07747 608 717).