DualDisc to be Launched in Europe This Spring

The launch of DualDisc in Europe was announced today during news briefings at Dolby’s London headquarters by Los Angeles based music company, 5.1 Entertainment Group and their Chairman, John Trickett. The announcement marks the first ever release of DualDisc outside of the United States.

DualDisc is an innovative music product that combines a CD and DVD on a single disc. In addition to a full-length audio album on the CD side, the DVD side offers many features including the full album in enhanced sound (such as Surround Sound and/or DVD-Audio or LPCM stereo), and a wide range of exclusive content such as music videos, “making of” documentaries, interviews, photo galleries, artist commentaries, web links, concert footage, lyrics and more.

DualDisc was first introduced to the American market in October of last year. Since then over one million albums have been sold, proving there is a demand by consumers for a fresh new way of experiencing music.

During Friday’s briefing, John Trickett stated, “We are very excited to bring DualDisc to the European market. We believe it is an opportunity to provide the consumer with music titles that exceed their expectations.

DualDiscs released by 5.1 Entertainment Group’s record labels, Silverline, immergent and Myutopia, also include web enabled and renewable bonus features through DVD Launcher, along with the ability to upload surround sound music to iPods and Windows-based portable players using Dolby Headphone technology. DualDisc is supported by all of the major records labels.

Blondie lead singer, Debbie Harry, states, “DualDisc allows us to take our most recent studio album, The Curse of Blondie, to a whole new level. Now our fans get to experience surround sound, our video, additional photos and lyrics, all on one disc.

Among the DualDiscs titles slated for the first European release by Silverline Records, immergent and Myutopia are:

Jane Monheit, ‘In the Sun
Gary Moore, ‘Back To The Blues
Blondie, ‘The Curse of Blondie
Todd Rundgren, ‘Liars
Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band, ‘Swingin’ For The Fences
Tipper, ‘Surrounded
Gene Simmons, ‘***hole
The Mavericks, ‘The Mavericks
Robert Cray, ‘Time Will Tell
The Church, ‘Forget Yourself
Poncho Sanchez, ‘Poncho at Montreux
Josh One, ‘Narrow Path
Utah Symphony Orchestra, Abravanel conducting, ‘Brahms – Symphony No. 1
Academy of St. James , ‘Johann Sebastian Bach: The Brandenburg Concertos

Silverline, immergent and Myutopia will release approximately 100 DualDisc albums before the end of the year

5.1 Entertainment Group is a vertically integrated music company which owns the Silverline, immergent and Myutopia record labels, as well as 5.1 Production Services and 5.1 Music Publishing. The company is a recognized leader in the audio/visual production, release and marketing of music in the DVD format. In addition to having released the largest catalog of DVD music worldwide with well over 250 albums, 5.1 Entertainment Group has mixed and produced projects for Britney Spears, R. Kelly, Usher, Janet Jackson, Fleetwood Mac, Sting, Eminem, Ben Harper, Herbie Hancock, Dishwalla, Alice Cooper, Everclear, Hanson, Sarah Brightman, Yanni, Aaron Neville, Outkast and more.

For more information, please see our feature article: Patent Issues “Resolved” as DualDisc gets the ‘OK’ for Mainstream European Release.

John Trickett demonstrates DualDisc at the European launch at Dolby Labs in London.John Trickett demonstrates DualDisc at the European launch at Dolby Labs in London.