DualDisc Off to a Shaky Start as Donnas Album is Withdrawn

Gold Medal’, the Donnas DualDisc launched on Tuesday, has been withdrawn from stores by Warner imprint Atlantic Records. Early buyers were quick to spot that the last track on the CD side ended abruptly, a problem not due to the DualDisc format, but a replication error.

It’s an unfortunate start for the fledgling DualDisc DVD/CD hybrid at a time when good publicity is of paramount importance.

Atlantic have issued the following statement via the Donnas’ web site:

“We know a number of you have already spotted the production error on the CD-side of the ‘Gold Medal’ DualDisc. This mistake occurred at Atlantic’s production plant, and we’re sorry to report that the error is present on the entire run. Specifically, the final track ‘Have You No Pride’ cuts off after 58 seconds on the CD side. However, if you listen to the DVD side, you can still enjoy the track in its entirety in 5.1 surround sound.

“If you would like to return the DualDisc, please go back to your local retailer with your original receipt and they will replace it with the regular ‘Gold Medal’ CD. Feel free to keep the special black velvet limited edition cover. Unfortunately, the DualDisc is being recalled from all stores and will not be re-manufactured immediately, although we hope to announce plans for another run at later date (stay tuned to The Donnas’ web site for details).

“If you decide to keep the DualDisc, email us at – [email protected] – and we’ll provide you with a free, CD-quality download of ‘Have You No Pride’.

“Atlantic Records deeply regrets this situation, and we would like to extend our apologies to The Donnas fans and to the band.”