Draper Unvieled New FlatScreen Lifts

With the most compact design but yet the greatest possible extension Draper has newly launched its FlatScreen Display Lifts. You will find the FlatScreen lifts far superior than any other model currently available as it is equipped with significantly more compact “stored” dimensions. The interior dimensions of the cabinet need to exceed the height of the stored lift by two inches only. Thus, all three Draper’s FlatScreen lifts namely, FSL-F-42, FSL-F-50, FSL-F-65 offer more flexibility for the installer or furniture manufacturer.

The exclusive features offered by Draper’s New FlatScreen Lifts are:

  • Vertical extension up to 148% of its stored height
  • Travel Speed is 1-3/8″ per second
  • Overall height: 29.75″
  • Overall depth: 4″
  • Optional RS232/IR control
  • Lifting capacity is 210 lbs.

Automatically switches to the “creep” mode as it approaches “up” and “down” limits, to prevent jarring of display during operation

You can always go for the Draper’s New FlatScreen Lifts for an easy “drop-in” installation into your cabinetry or furniture. All the three lifts are designed quite majestically and with expertise that includes universal mounting brackets. To an extent the FSL-F-42, FSL-F-50 and FSL-F-65 contain the same features which come in 42”, 50” and 60” diagonal display sizes respectively. Moreover, the minimum required interior width of the cabinets of these FlatScreen flips is exactly equal to the width of the display and speakers plus 2″. So, what are you waiting for? Just go and get Draper’s New FlatScreen Lifts to raise your plasma or LCD flat screen display out of your own custom cabinet or furniture.

Via: Press