Down But Not Out: Blockbuster Augments On Demand

So it seems that Blockbuster’s not taking its drubbing at the hands of Netflix and Redbox lightly, as they’ve recently allied themselves with Tribune Media Services, perhaps the foremost provider of entertainment information databases on Earth.

Okay, great, you’re probably saying, but what does that mean?  See, this isn’t so much a help for Blockbuster proper (though it will help in the long run) as it is all those companies that are planning to integrate Blockbuster on Demand into their TVs and Blu-ray players and set-top boxes and whatnot.

What the alliance with Tribune Media Services will do is it will allow companies that work with Blockbuster to more easily set up their search services.  Tribune’s information will allow users to find movies that are similar to their likes and dislikes.  This in turn will give them a competitive edge as they can say that they let you find what you want faster and easier than, say, Netflix or Hulu.

Will it work?  Only time will tell, but kudos to Blockbuster for trying!