DoubleSight Launches New Smart USB LCD Monitors

What’s the average monitor size that you could settle for? It’s certainly not anywhere from 7- to 9-inches right? After all we’re looking for more and more display real estate and we rarely happen to choose smaller LCD monitors. But just in case you happen to want a little display then DoubleSight has three new models for you. They are all Smart USB monitors and don’t measure more than 9-inch diagonally. In fact the smallest one is the 7-inch version. Depending on what you choose you’ll get a 800 x 480 or a 1,024 x 600 resolution and a webcam on top of the DS-90UC model. How much does one such DoubleSight panel cost? The 7-inch is available for $120 while the 9-inch version is $20 more. I know I said there are three versions available but the third one is the DS-90UC for which you’ll have to fork out $160. Getting back to my initial question then: do we absolutely, unequivocally need smaller monitors?

via prnewswire