Domo Records Releases 2 Kitaro Albums on SACD

Earlier this week, Domo Records announced that it’s first two SACD releases by well known New Age artist Kitaro are now available for purchase from its web site. The new SACD releases are Kojiki (Domo 71019-2) and Daylight, Moonlight: Live in Yakushiji (Domo 73021-2).

Kojiki was originally released in 1990 and was the No. 1 New Age album of that year according to Billboard Magazine. The album was reissued in 1997 on Compact Disc and is now being made available this week as a Hybrid Layer Stereo SACD. Domo Records describes the album by saying that «Kitaro crafts this musical journey from the ancient chronicle (Kojiki) that recounts the birth of Japan and it’s people. Featuring the string section from the Skywalker Symphony, along with Kitaro’s signature keyboard and flute sounds, the score to this thematic backdrop is full of passion and beauty that is masterfully conceived, arranged and performed.»

Daylight, Moonlight: Live in Yakushiji is a 2 disc live album by Kitaro. It was released last October on Compact Disc and it makes its debut this week as a new 2 disc Hybrid Layer Multichannel SACD set. The album features Kitaro’s use of new age instruments and synthesizers as well as the chants of the Yakushiji monks. Kitaro uses the Surround Sound SACD layer of the SACD to create an interesting atmosphere by placing the sounds of thunder and the environment around the room.

Domo Records says that «it is apparent that this is going to be a special offering from Kitaro. The legendary World Music pioneer’s latest album is a two-CD set recorded over three evenings in the sacred Yakushiji Temple in the ancient Japanese capital, Nara. With full instrumentation, Kitaro reprises nine favorite compositions from earlier albums, plus his Golden Globe Award-Winning theme from the Oliver Stone film «Heaven and Earth» and two previously unreleased tracks. This is a tour de force for Kitaro and ensemble. All the drama, grace and humanity of his usual offerings are here with the added immediacy of the live recording and the profound spirit of the Yakushiji monks who appear on the previously unreleased «Wa» in addition to the opening track. Live in Yakushiji is a broad and deep journey, to inner realms as well as exotic earthly destinations. After his journey, you will definitely feel like you’ve gone somewhere!»

Early Availability & Special Pricing From Domo Records
The in-store release date for both of these new Kitaro SACDs is Monday, July 21st. However, Domo Records has made the SACDs available via its web site starting on Monday. If you buy them from the Domo Records web site, you will get a lower price for each SACD ($19.98 on the Domo web site vs. $24.98 list price for the 2 disc Daylight, Moonlight live Hybrid Multichannel SACD and $13.98 on the Domo web site vs. $19.98 list price for the Kojiki Hybrid Stereo SACD).

In addition, signing up for the Domo Records web site email list provides you with a 15% off coupon «on any purchase». It is not clear from the web site whether this discount was only applicable to one item — or whether you could apply it to the purchase of both of the Kitaro SACDs.
Daylight, Moonlight: Live in Yakushiji by Kitaro (Domo 73021-2)Daylight, Moonlight: Live in Yakushiji by Kitaro (Domo 73021-2)