Dolby Unveils Buy One Get One Free 3D Glasses

3D glasses have become a sudden need these days owing to the fact that movies such as Disney/Pixar’s Up, provide better visual entertainment with their use. And thanks to Dolby Entertainment, a special promotion for these 3D glasses has been announced for people who can use them more than once.

At ShoWest 2009, Dolby Laboratories, Inc., announced a limited-time “buy one get one free” Dolby 3D Glasses offer for exhibitors installing a new Dolby 3D Digital Cinema system. The special promotion will run from April 6 through May 22, 2009.

This promotion coincides with the North American release of Disney/Pixar’s Up on May 29, 2009, and will provide exhibitors around the world who purchase and install a Dolby 3D Digital Cinema system during the promotional period with an opportunity to purchase eco-friendly, reusable Dolby 3D glasses at this special price.

Dolby’s unique full-spectrum color-filter technology licensed from Infitec, enabled by the high-tech passive Dolby 3D Glasses, enhances the motion picture experience. The system provides realistic color reproduction and extremely sharp images. The environmentally friendly and reusable glasses can be used repeatedly, significantly reducing the cost per viewing for exhibitors.

(Source) Businesswire