Dolby Releases Dolby PC Entertainment Experience Program.

Dolby Labs has announced the release of the Dolby PC Entertainment Experience Program to enhance the PC audio requirements people look forward to today. The new PC audio technology offers new audio optimization and high frequency enhancers to boost the cinema and home theater experience.

As part of the new Dolby Home Theater v3 and Dolby Advanced Audio technology suites, these new offerings help PC makers optimize the listening experience for their customers—whether through built-in speakers or an external surround sound system with up to 7.1 channels.

Sounds may not be a prime requirement for some notebook owners. However, depending on the use and desire to expand the audio experience that they come in, adding the Dolby sound is certainly anyone would welcome with open arms.

The Dolby Advanced Audio suite offers High-Frequency Enhancer, Audio Optimization, Natural Bass, and Dolby Headphone.

(Source) Press