Does Sears Trick Customers Into Purchasing Expensive Warranty for Plasma TV?

How would you respond to that question? Did you purchase a Plasma TV or LCD TV lately? From Sears? Did you turn down that $300/3 years protection plan?

Well Anthony did, and a few days later a Sears representative tried to convince him that his Plasma will need a recharge after 5 years and that he should have purchased that protection plan. Well, while Anthony didn’t know if this was a lie or not, he turned the warranty down as in 5 years he wouldn’t have been covered anyway. Later he did discover the truth, which is that Plasmas won’t need a plasma recharge. Here’s the story in his own words:

I just bought a Plasma TV from Sears. I declined to buy the $300/3 yr protection plan because of the price. Sears called me at home a few days later. The sales lady asked my why I chose a Plasma TV instead of an LCD. I thought this odd, but just answered the truth – there was a deal on this TV. She then told me a personal anecdote about her friend who repairs Plasma TVs who told her that Plasma TV’s needed to be recharged every 5 years for a cost of $500 or so. She then tried to sell me the protection plan that would cover this service (the same one I declined before, which would expire before the 5 year recharging date anyway). I declined, ended our call, then got on the internet and discovered rather quickly that this is a myth about plasma tvs that lots of salespeople are propagating.

I am certain that there are people buying these protection plans to cover their plasma tv’s future “recharging” which they will discover never happens.

I bet some people will be really angry at Sears with all this bad publicity!

via Consumerist