Does Actual Size Matter?

When buying a new TV you are certainly checking various models up by size right? You have an idea of where to place your big screen TV in your own home and you know how big you’d want it to be. You’d also want to know exactly what you’re paying for, wouldn’t you?

Well if you happen to pick up a Best Buy or Circuit City listing and check out the TV listing make sure you read those fine prints. You’ll discover that the TV you wanted is actually smaller than you thought.
The TVs are labeled under classes. A 31.5 inch TV will be labeled as a 32 Class while an 18.9 inch TV will be labeled as a 19 Class.

The good news here is that you get those fine prints which specify the actual size. Sony started to advertise the real size in 2007 while Best Buy did so about six months ago. Other big names like Samsung and Sharp did so to but didn’t explain yet what’s the real motivation. Word on the street is that customers sued or threatened to sue when they found out their Class TV was actually smaller than they thought it was. How big is your TV?

via NY Times