DivX on High Definition Digital Televisions

DivX, Inc. has announced its progress of extending the DivX Certification program to digital televisions from a wide array of manufacturers enabling consumers to enjoy high-quality video they often create on their PC or find on the Internet sitting in the comfort of their home.

DivX is endowing consumers with the power to create and watch content on the PC. The company also disclosed that it is working with leading chip providers like Chips and Media, AMD, Trident and Broadcom for extending support for DivX on digital television platforms. These DivX certified products let the consumers to create, play and share high-quality video content across various devices and platforms.

“The market for televisions is changing rapidly as entertainment is increasingly consumed through digital formats and consumers begin to look for solutions that connect their living room with a high-quality digital experience,” said Kurt Scherf, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Parks Associates. “Given its steady adoption rate within this market, DivX is well positioned to capitalize on this shift and secure a significant share of the business.”

DivX aims to continue emerging as a prominent digital video standard with a vast market presence for engrossing next generation entertainment across all digital televisions. available in the market. Various television models of DivX also enable the user to see streamlined content directly from Internet services.

DivX on High Definition Digital Televisions is expected to be available in the market by the mid of the year 2008. Over 80 models have been certified from major brands like LG and HP for DivX to let the user play back their content via USB storage devices that can be easily plugged into the televisions.