DivX certification to six new DVD players

divx-logo.jpgDivX, Inc. takes pride in giving DivX certification to 6 Blu-ray DVD Players from Denon, Philips and Panasonic. Panasonic DMP-BD30EE, Philips BDP7200 and Denon DVD-2500BTC1B, DVD-2800BDC1B, DVD-3800BDSP and DVD-2500BTSP constitute the entire range. This makes DivX move one-step farther in ever-increasing grip of DivX in new product categories and the market will see 41% rise in DivX technology by end of 2007.

“In-Stat expects worldwide shipments of Blu-ray players to reach 23 million in 2011. DivX is well-positioned to become a standard feature on Blu-ray devices, just as it has shipped in millions of DVD players worldwide,” said In-Stat Principal Analyst, Michelle Abraham, Converged Markets & Technologies, Multimedia.

Based on Blu-ray technology, the players can deliver a playback of and store 25 hours of DVD quality video with the help of high quality compression. All the 6 DVD players have gone through a thorough testing phase for high visual quality, security and interoperability. So now play and share high quality video across different platforms. This has made one thing sure that Blu-ray technology is the future of digital media.