Divco Korea’s TVIX PVR M-6620N DVR

TVIX_PVR_M_6620N_1 Here is a new doohickey from Korea! Divco Korea’s TVIX PVR M-6620N boasts incredible features to cater for ultimate entertainment. The M-6620N DVR has dual TV Tuner with HDMI 1.3  out. Thereby allowing you to record or receive up to two channels at the same time. The WiFi N enabled device can record TV broadcasts in MKV, H.264 and RMVB HD file formats.

The Digital Video Recorder supports time shifting and Scheduled recording with EPG. It allows playback of next generation lossless audio. Being IMS compatible, the M-6620N gives direct access to YoutTube, Picasa, RSS Feeds and much more. It also features a built in memory card reader and can be used as an NAS. The TVIX PVR M-6620N will soon hit the markets of Korean subcontinent.