Dish Network Vip 722 HD DVR Dual Recorder vip722p

Vip 722 HD Dish Network Vip 722 HD DVR Dual Recorder has shaken the world with its all new and competitive features. Once you go through its top class delivery and performance, you would love to have this alternative to Direct TV (Directtv) or Cable TV. It will be very tough for one to say that the Dish Network Vip 722 HD DVR Dual Recorder vip722p lacks the feature which one is searching for.

The attractive offers that are pulling everybody towards it are even making its rivals’ heads heavy. If you receive all your equipment and installation absolutely free and still get extra rebates then will you not go for it instead of something else? Depending on the package type and the lucky draw competitions, the dish network is offering every possible offer can be of good use to the consumers.

Its unique features that have made it outstanding are:

  • DISH Network programming on two TVs

  • Widescreen Electronic Program Guide with easy search features

  • View and record HD over the air digital broadcasts2 on TV1

  • Supports Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound

  • Record up to 350 hours of standard- definition (SD), up to 55 hours of high-definition (HD) entertainment or a combination of the two1

  • Independently watch and record

  • DishHOME Interactive TV for watching six screens at once and on demand entertainment, games, shopping, news, sports, weather and customer service

  • Convenient On-Screen Caller ID3 with history


With on-screen program guide, browse buttons, favorites lists and bookmarks, the Dish Network Vip 722 HD DVR Dual Recorder vip722p even lets you to avail interactive TV too through which you will be able to play games, check the local weather, see the lottery results and many more. While these eye-catching features were for all, there are certain facilities which every parent can utilize to the fullest to control their child. Here you can block individual shows or entire channels and can still access programming by entering in your password. This will let your child have a healthy and helpful entertainment.

You can surely have some happy time spent with its award winning service once you take home a Dish Network Vip 722 HD DVR Dual Recorder vip722p. With such a heap of beneficial features you will also find it Standard-Def (SD) & High-Def (HD) compatible, Optional Analog & Digital Off-Air Local, Optical Dolby Digital output, DVI & HDMI outputs and MPEG-04 Compatible. You will be tired of knowing about it but its features will never end. So just and grab the Dish Network Vip 722 HD DVR Dual Recorder vip722p in just $699 and find the benefits yourself with all your family sitting together happily.

Via: Dishnetwork