DISH Network DTVPal Plus

DISH Network Corporation is proud to announce the availability of digital-to-analog converter box DTVPal Plus. The weak signal in the areas get a boost with the high performance of DTVPal.

"The DTVPal Plus carries all the popular features of our top-rated DTVPal(TM), plus a tuner that can help consumers living in weak signal areas maximize the number of over-the-air channels they receive," said Tom Stingley, executive vice president of Sales and Distribution for DISH Network.

The DTVPal is capable of accepting both analog and digital signals, thanks to the analog pass-through feature. This feature benefits all the low-power stations. The parental controls, auto tune timers for program recording on a connected VCR, signal strength screen pop-ups and remote control adds to ease of use.

The digital-to-analog converter box is available at a price for $29.99 and is nominated for the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s TV Converter Box Coupon Program.