DirecTV Update Cripples American HD DVRs; Then Problem Is Solved

Last night, high definition DVRs throughout the country stopped working due to a software update made by DirecTV concerning guide data. However, a similar incident occurred two years ago when the company tried to do a software update that resulted in a bunch of HR2X set-tops malfunctioning. Then the HR2X STBs had to be reset in order for them to work properly again.

It seems that history has repeated itself since reset is also the solution given by DirecTV to fix the HD DVRs too. But in this recent situation, DVRs have to be reset twice by using the red button on the front, located underneath the flap within a thirty-minute period. According to their website, DirecTV said you can wait for fifteen seconds at least between the resets and that should resolve the problem.

Then DirecTV later reported that the problem was a transmission glitch from earlier this morning and they have reset affected DVRs from their end to fix it. So, DVR owners are no longer required to reset their receivers manually. Thus, this potential crisis seems to be averted but customer grievances and dissatisfaction may be another situation facing the satellite television provider.