Dinner TEW191GDR

Now, the lavish treat for eyes comes in the form of the latest Dinner TEW191GDR and TEW221GDR LCD TV.  Both the impressive models tout 5 ms response time, 3.5? stereo input mini- jack and 1,000:1 contrast ratio. Their superlative features do not stress you at all while playing long-hour games on the glossy LCDs.

As in the 19-inch TEW191GDR model, supported resolution is 1440 A— 900 pixels WXGA+, brightness is 400 cd/m2, angle of viewing is 160° and stereo speakers are 1.0W?2. Its counterpart viz. 22-inch wide TEW221GDR LCD TV supports the resolution of 1680 A— 1050 pixels WSXGA+, brightness of 300 cd/m2, viewing angle of 170°/ 160° and stereo speakers of 2.0W?2.

The cheery on the cake is their extremely stylish and competent design with glossy black finish. I bet you can’t get your eyes off these attractive models. The 19-inch model is available for ?24,800 and other one costs ?32,800 only.

Via: Candela