Diguang Showcases New Ultra-Thin LED Displays at SINOCES 2009

A mixture of environmental concerns and required imaging solutions was unveiled by Diguang International Development company at the SINOCES 2009 in Shenzen, China, highlighted by their ultra-thin LED displays for home and business use. With the growing clamor for this new technology display solutions, products ranging from ultra-slim LED monitors in 19-inch and 22-inch formats, ultra-slim all-in-one PCs, ultra-slim 26-inch TVs were on hand at their booth.

This new player in the market will surely be welcome, particularly since the demand for them has been growing by the day. And knowing China, they have been a prime resource for alternative display solutions, particularly due to their cheaper pricing and eco-friendly considerations, something that are factors in the consumer buying process today.

(Source) Press