digiZoid Introduces the zo Personal Subwoofer for Portable Audio

zo personal subwoofer for portable audio, the latest addition to digiZoid’s unique audio enhancement technologies, is a first-of-its kind audio device. It has been specially designed to enhance the sound quality from any type of listening system of media player.

Developed after five years of extensive research and testing, the subwoofer is based on digiZoid SmartVector sound contouring technology and supports simple plug-n-play setup. It is a combination of advanced materials and intelligent electronics that adjusts and presents optimized audibility. A multi-function switch, 32 selectable subwoofer frequency and intensity response and LightScale color indicator are the additional features of the subwoofer.

Each zo subwoofer comes with two 3.5mm stereo cables, a mini USB cable and a SmartStart guide. It is available at $99 for order through digiZoid’s online.